Thursday, September 12, 2019

Plagiarism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Plagiarism - Essay Example Such practice can never be totally prevented but there are ways individuals could minimize this (Oxford Brookes University). As students, we should aim to learn and not rely on easy solutions like copying another person’s paper rather, should think that in working on one’s paper, the student improves or even discovers his/her skills and abilities. While one may really write the paper, some practices might not be undertaken during the process that could lead to plagiarism like not referencing and others aforementioned. For students to avoid this then, they are advised to manage their time so as not to cram and copy other’s works which could be the easiest solution. While looking for references, it would be advisable to take notes using one’s own words, keeping a list of sources and documenting the references (Caroll, 2004). Probably the strongest influence would be to cling to what is right, that which is in line with the law. Institutions on the other hand can also perform their part by giving clear instructions to students regarding their works considering other students might not know what referencing means or they do not know how to go about the paper. Carol advises teachers to give different tasks for students, to prevent them from copying from each other and comparing their works and also change the writing styles so that they will have second thoughts of buying essays from the internet. In doing this and imposing punishments to those who would be caught committing the crime, students would think of keeping their dignity and learn the hard way (Oxford Brookes University). Caroll, Jude. November, 2004. Deterring, Detecting and Dealing with Plagiarism: A Brief Paper for Brookes Staff for Academic Integrity Week. Oxford Brookes University. Retrieved from:

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