Friday, September 13, 2019

Evaluating and reviewing a piece of pop culture Essay

Evaluating and reviewing a piece of pop culture - Essay Example haps this is the reason why it is so popular because it has a subliminal message that an average guy just like Chuck and everyone else’s could become a super spy through an unexpected circumstance. The weakness of the TV series is that it defies logic and not based on sound science. For example, how could the CIA possibly build a labyrinth of headquarters at Nerd Herd’s basement without being notice by somebody? And also, there is no scientific basis that a person can remember everything (being an intersect) by just opening an email. The TV series became popular because it brought down spy culture to the understanding of the masses. The general audience was able to relate how the life of an average person could turn into a highly adventurous, explosive and secretive life by being a spy. Chuck’s dilemma on how to keep his identity and to fulfill the function of a spy also tickles the fancy and imagination of the audience that made it popular. Because of the theme of the film which is espionage and action, the main audiences of the film are mainstream males who are into espionage films. They can relate themselves as Chuck doing extra ordinary things even if they are just a regular guy. The value of the series is the ability of the main character Chuck, to relate to the subliminal aspiration of an average male to do adventure and secretive work by being a spy. It differentiated from other TV series of the same genre as it strips the work of being a spy as unattainable and making it a possibility as portrayed in the TV series Chuck. Whereas other TV series of the same genre portrays the role of a spy to require superhuman ability such as superior intelligence and athleticism, Chuck removed this barrier by just requiring the protagonist to be at the right place and at the right time and able to do the same and even better by just being lucky. If this will be translated to a game just like other spy films, this will prove to be interesting as those

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