Sunday, September 22, 2019

Innovations In The Business World Research Paper

Innovations In The Business World - Research Paper Example The higher the scope of coverage especially in scale, the better it is for the firm, because there is a tendency for it to establish a remarkable level of monopoly, at some point. This means that there is a great chance for that firm to dominate in the industry and achieve the highest possible market share. This will mean some remarkable implications. It is about continuing the business and generating higher profit as possible. There are many methods or strategies used today to achieve these possibilities (Porter, 1998).  An example of a company acquiring more companies from time to time is Google. Google is a search brand (Haig, 2011), but this cannot be made possible without its strategic employment of merger and acquisition. This company has been doing merger and acquisition since 2001, and recently at the early part of this year, it has already acquired at least three companies particularly for its business for internet security, home automation and timely application for Android. Eventually, these newly acquired companies are used or integrated with Google+ and other Google’s relevant line of online businesses.  Acquiring these companies eventu ally help Google improve its covered market and its services in ensuring wonderful experience and high value for its target users. This leads the possibility for Google to become a search brand, which allows it to generate a higher competitive advantage over the other companies in its industry. As a result, the other brands in line with Google’s industry are not remarkably known in the market, and if they are known at some point, Google is still holding a competitive advantage over them due to its wider scope of market coverage as one end result of its merger and acquisition strategy.  Merger and acquisition have been a common trend today in the business world.  

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