Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Identify the ethical issues within the field of Information Technology Essay

Identify the ethical issues within the field of Information Technology - Essay Example A number of ethical concerns are associated with implementing the proposed integration project. Firstly, Accounting software, Graphic design software, operating systems, and virus guards can be purchased from unauthorized venders at a lower price. This is an act of violating laws regarding copy right, patents and trade secret. In addition using low price software which closely resembles the originals is also unethical. Such software can be associated with plagiarism, reverse engineering, open source code and cybersquatting(Ethics in Information Technology - Auburn University). Secondly, employees are responsible for using firm’s computers, internet facility, software and other appliances solely for the purpose of fulfilling the duties assigned to them. This is important to increase firm’s productivity (431). Workers are also expected to avoid unauthorized using of firm’s computers and confidential data. Accounting firm’s administration cannot rely only on trust for security issues like this while in the process of integrating with a different firm. On the one hand employees of two firms adapt to changing organizational structure after a certain time period. Organizational disputes can happen during this time period (Schein, 2004 ). On the other hand newly established firm has a larger number of employees. Firms use low cost and convenient IT solutions to monitor and supervise a large number of employees. New computers that are provided under this project will be linked via a computer network system. This shared network system can be used to obtain high speed internet facility to all the computers in firm. There are unauthorized means of using shared internet connections. Ethical procedure is purchasing an appropriate package from an Internet Service Provider. Networking is also important for increasing resource use efficiency of the firm such as printers (314). In addition, accessing to websites such as Facebook, YouTube eBay and

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