Tuesday, September 24, 2019

If you were given one million dollars to spend how would you spend it Essay

If you were given one million dollars to spend how would you spend it you cannot use it for yourself,familymembers or friends - Essay Example What if I have to spend it nonetheless? What would I do and where would I spend it? The question is abrupt and took me by surprise. It was a while before my polished grey cells started to work again. I thought, pondered, mused and laughed. I had numerous thoughts and each thought was powered by another, more distinct idea. Clearly imaginative, my thinking was now starting to bog my rationality. It was time I took a final decision and the decision had to be a wise one. The moment I gave it a thought, my mind stopped churning ideas. A simple decision to spend it on others had simplified the entire procedure and allowed me to slip out of my utopia. The next thought was the execution of my plan. In order to simplify the scenario, the million dollars were to be spent for charitable use. With that in mind, I narrowed my thoughts to select the best charitable option. Even as I pondered, I had a recollection which was nothing but a reflection of my past. It involved a close friend who had spent a majority of his life running in and out of rehabilitation centers. His drug abuse had spilled water on a promising career and his life had been reduced to a human waste. Taking cue from the above example, I set out to locate a suitable property dealer and bought an acre of wasteland. The hundred thousand dollar bill was substantial to transfer the property to my name. The next step involved hiring an expert builder who transformed the wasteland into a fully functional rehab center. I then enrolled the necessary staff and took the required permission to kick start the rehab center. A month later, the rehab had treated over a hundred patients for free, provided employment to fifteen nurses and five doctors besides a dozen maintenance employees. As I had no right over the money, the rehab was transferred under the care of a local non governmental organization. Well, if you thought that I spend the entire amount on the purchase of land, the

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