Monday, January 13, 2020

Operator In A Call Centre In India

Suppose you are working as an operator in a call centre in India and receiving calls from Americans and Londoners. How would you handle such calls? Ans: As an operator first thing which I would try and ask politely would be that what is the route cause of the problem of the customer and would try and give time for explaining or removing out the frustration after which the customer would then have patience in listening to what we would try and explain.As an operator I would rectify the problem by all the better means and try to explain the customer in a better way that he would get convinced completely with the solution which could rectify the same. I would also make sure that the customer has any doubts or clarifications regarding the same and reconfirm the same from the customer about the solution explained to him was clear. As an operator I would co-operate with the customer to completely resolve the problem which ultimately satisfy the customer.I would also thank the customer for having the patience and giving us an opportunity to troubleshooting the issue and getting it rectified. I don?t want to speak to you. Connect me to your boss in the US,† hissed the American on the phone. The young girl at a Bangalore call centre tried to be as polite as she could. At another call centre, another day, another young girl had a Londoner unleashing himself on her, â€Å"Young lady, do you know that because of you Indians we are losing jobs? † The outsourcing backlash is getting ugly.Handling irate callers is the new brief for the young men and women taking calls at these outsourced job centres. Supervisors tell them to be „cool?. Avinash Vashistha, managing partner of NEOIT, a leading US-based consultancy firm says, â€Å"Companies involved in outsourcing both in the US and India are already getting a lot of hate mail against outsourcing and it is hardly surprising that some people should behave like this on the telephone. † Vashistha says Indi an call centre?s should train their operators how to handle such calls. Indeed, the furor raised by the Western media over job losses because of outsourcing

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